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Nosocomial is a Healthcare Science theatre collaboration set up by playwright Nicola Baldwin and Dr Elaine Cloutman-Green, Lead Healthcare Scientist at Great Ormond Street Hospital. 'Nosocomial' means 'hospital acquired', or 'acquired through treatment', and we explore the stories and experiences of Healthcare Scientists, patients and families.  We believe in experiment and co-production, and actively encourage creative collaboration between scientists and artists .

Our verbatim play Nosocomial was written through workshops with 40 NHS Healthcare Scientists and artists. Nosocomial won the 2019 CSO Partnering Patients and Citizens Award from the Chief Scientific Officer, and 2020 Antibiotic Guardian award for Public Engagement.

We were pleased to partner with the Precision AMR research initiative at UCL Division of Infection and Immunity,  GOSH, UCL/H and ICH, on Rise of the Resistance, two festivals of co-created work (online & livestreamed from Bloomsbury Theatre) in response to antimicrobial resistance.

We have new projects coming up in 2022 & 2023 and we thank our supporters and partners.

Healthcare Infection Society (HIS), Royal College of Pathology (RCPath), Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM), Royal Literary Fund, Pfizer Ltd UK, UCL IAS, Bloomsbury Theatre and Precision AMR.

And everyone who took part in our first Rooftop Writers:  Nicola Baldwin (STORY) Dr Elaine Cloutman-Green (SCIENCE)

Abi Bown (DESIGN), Louis Milner (SOUND) Melisa Canales (PROPS) Jon Cloutman-Green, Colin Wallace (WORKSHOP PHOTOS/VIDEO),  Rachel McInery (REHEARSAL PHOTOS) Faiza Asadi (GOSH): Ela Bardan (Healthcare Scientist in Clinical Engineering, NHS England); Bianca di Blasi (PhD student, UCL, Dept of Medical Physics); Eimear Brannigan (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust); Melisa Canales (HIRG, CEGE at UCL); Lena Ciric (UCL); Chris Connor (Specialist Biomedical Scientist, GOSH); Helen Dunn (GOSH); Miranda France (Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at GOSH); John Hartley (GOSH): She’miah Hastick (GOSH); Victoria Heath (Healthcare Science Education Lead, Imperial College Healthcare Trust (now at GOSH); Craig Knott (GOSH): Jonathan Lambert (Healthcare Scientist, GOSH);  Katharine McMahon (Head of Social Sector, Royal Literary Fund); Aarti Makan (Audiologist, Professional Lead for Healthcare Science, London; Health Education England); Alexandra Milsom (NHS England); Claire Murphy (ICH GOSH); Hal Parkinson; Helen Saraqi (GOSH); Valerie Smith (GOSH); Ruth Thomsen (Scientific Director, NHS England); Lucy Van Dorp (Post-doc Researcher, UCL Genetics Institute); Stacey Harbot; Anna Barnes; Philippa May (all SCIENCE/ STORY).

Watch NOSOCOMIAL on our YouTube channel


Twitter at @NoscomialThe

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